The Library Board

The Greater Madawaska Public Library and Learning Centre Board is a governance board which runs under the authority of the Public Libraries Act of Ontario. The Board is responsible for providing library services and programs in Greater Madawaska.

Board members, also known as trustees, set up policies, goals and objectives of the library. The Board is the legal authority of the library and is the ultimate authority for decision-making and oversight. They also advocate for the library in the greater community. The Board works side by side with the Library CEO and staff. The Library CEO handles day-to-day operation of the library with their staff.

The Library Board is made up of three Greater Madawaska residents and two township councillors. They are appointed for a four-year term.

Chairperson: Patti McArthur

Board Meetings

The Board meets seven times per year. Please contact the Library for information to attend.

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes

January 15 2021

January Agenda

January Minutes

April 21 2021

April Agenda

April Minutes

May 19 2021

May Agenda

May Minutes

June 24 2021

June Agenda

June Minutes

July 22 2021

July Agenda

July Minutes

September 23, 2021



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