The Township of Greater Madawaska Clerk's Office can assist with several services and requests, as seen listed below.


The Council of the Township of Greater Madawaska has the authority to pass by-laws to enhance and protect the community.

Municipal by-laws set standards to protect the environment, public health and safety, and to maintain a pleasant community for everyone. 

The Clerk's Office maintains a registry of the BY-LAWS.

Commissioner of Oaths

COMMISSIONER OF OATHS is available at the Township Office.

The cost of this service is $10 for residents of Greater Madawaska and $20 for non-residents.

Please refer to the list of documents that can and cannot be commissioned by the Township of Greater Madawaska.

Freedom of Information

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) requires the Township of Greater Madawaska to ensure that information is publically available while also protecting personal information that is in our custody.

The process for requesting information from the Township through a freedom of information request is provided on our FREEDOM OF INFORMATION webpage. 

Lottery Licenses

The Township of Greater Madawaska issues lottery licences to eligible charitable and religious organizations located in the Township.

You will need to apply for a LOTTERY LICENSE if you are planning a charitable event that has one of the three elements of a lottery scheme:

  • A prize
  • A chance to win the prize.
  • Consideration for a fee

Please note there are some types of lottery that do not qualify for a lottery licence. Our lottery licencing officer will confirm the eligibility of the lottery you wish to do.

Visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) for more details about lottery license applications.

Refreshment Vehicle (Food Truck) License Application

A REFRESHMENT VEHICLE LICENSE is required to operate a refreshment vehicle/stand within the Township of Greater Madawaska. 

The application process includes the submission of documents and approval inspections.

Please allow a minimum of 14 days for license processing, prior to your preferred opening date.

Special Event Permits

SPECIAL EVENTS PERMITS are required for certain exhibitions, concerts, competitions, festivals, gatherings, or events, held within the boundaries of the Township.

The fee is $100.00.

Allow for sixty (60) days for processing prior to the date of the event.

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