A Special Event Permit is required for certain exhibitions, concerts, competitions, festivals, gatherings, or events, held within the boundaries of the Township.

Events held on property owned by the Municipality, the County, a school, church or other recognized religious organization, may not require a permit.

A permit may not be required for an event that is part of the normal operations of a business and will not:
  1. have the potential to strain the community's emergency services response
  2. have a foreseeable impact on the regular flow of traffic
  3. adversely affect the Community
  4. present an elevated risk to the health and safety of participants or general public

Determination of the eligibility for an exemption for a permit shall be made by the CAO.

Refer to By-Law 54-2018 Special Events for regulations governing Special Events within the Township.

To obtain a Special Event Permit, complete the APPLICATION FORM and submit to the Clerk with payment of the $100.00 application fee.

Note: Submit sixty (60) days prior to the proposed date of the event to allow for processing time.

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