Request for Service, Complaints and Feedback

The Township of Greater Madawaska encourages residents and visitors to submit their feedback and concerns about all aspects of the Township. The Township strives to deliver high-quality customer service to our residents and visitors at all times. 

The Township utilizes a virtual complaint management system to receive, update and action requests from the public. Through this system, residents can submit their concerns regarding the following items:

  • Public Works (i.e. potholes, broken signage, streetlight outages, etc)
  • By-law Enforcement (i.e. animal control, property standards, clean yards, parking infractions, noise)
  • Finance (i.e. billing, property taxes)

Submit your Concern or Request for Service  

How do I use the Township's online portal to submit my Request for Service, Complaint or Feedback?

Below, we have step-by-step instructions for entering a complaint through the Township's virtual complaint management system. 

  1. Using the "Submit Your Concern or Request for Service" button above, a new window will open with the complaint entry form. 
  2. Enter your personal details noting that your name and email address are required fields. 
  3. Select the appropriate category that relates to your concern. For example, if you were concerned about a dog off leash, you can select the "Animal Services - Dogs Off Leash" category. 
  4. Enter the details about your complaint and select the location of your complaint on the map. 
  5. You can also add documents, photos and other supporting documents using the 
    "Drag or click here to add documents and pictures" button. 
  6. Once you have completed the form, click on the "Submit" button. As an added security feature, a confirmation code will be sent to the email address that you indicated in your complaint. In order to submit your complaint, you will need to enter the four digit number that the system sends to you by email. 
  7. Your complaint has now been submitted with a new Concern ID number and it has been assigned to the appropriate staff member for review. 



Requests Relating to Accessibility

Our website is designed and written to meet the standards outlined in the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation. We endeavor to make all posted documents accessible for everyone. If you are not able to access information on this website, please check the Accessiblity page for more information, or you may contact the Deputy Clerk, or submit your  request for a document in an alternate format by using the "Request for Accessible Document" button below.

Request for Accessible Document


Requests Relating to By-law Inquiries

For inquiries regarding By-law documents or the existance of specific By-laws, please check the By-laws page of this website for more information, or you may contact the Deputy Clerk, or submit your request or By-law inquiry by using the "By-law Document Request or Inquiry" button below.

By-law Document Request or Inquiry


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