The Township of Greater Madawaska offers a host of opportunities for entrepreneurs to locate their business interests and benefit from emerging prospects. As opportunities grow and expand in various industry sectors. Our business directory  provides our current and prospective residents with a complete listing of businesses in the area. Greater Madawaska offers many advantages that makes it a special place to grow your business or become an entrepreneur with the recreational facilities, abundance of lakes and rivers and the beautiful mountain ranges in Calabogie, Griffith and Mount St. Patrick areas.

To learn more about our growing Township visit our Community Profile Page.

As part of the Economic Development of the Township, an Economic Development/Internet and Cell Committee was formed in 2019.  The main purpose of the committee is “to make broadband high-speed Internet and cell phone coverage accessible in all areas of the Township, including rural and remote areas”. 

Many presentations and letters have been compiled since the committee was formed 2019-2021.  These documents are here for your information.

Updated information regarding Cell Towers has been provided, March 2022, and is here for your information.


Ontario Power Generation - Calabogie Generating Station Redevelopment Project

The purpose of the extensive work being done by OPG in Calabogie is to redevelope the Calabogie Generating Station. The new facility will replace the original, century-old powerhouse with a new, higher capacity powerhouse that will double the output of clean, hydro generation from five to approximately 10 megawatts. Project details can be found on the OPG website using the following link:



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