Entrance Permits

Entrance permits are required before altering or installing a new entrance or driveway to your property, except for private roads, which do not require a permit.

Township roads contact 613-752-2222. The fee for a Township Road entrance permit is $100.00.

County roads contact the County of Renfrew to obtain an application.

Provincial Highways, contact MTO 613-332-3220

Civic Address

To request a civic address or 911 number for your property please complete the Civic Address form. Rural vacant land is not assigned a 911 number.

The fee to apply for a civic address is $125.00

Apply for an Entrance and/or Civic Address permit

Please complete the Entrance Permit and Civic Address Application and submit to the Township Office by mail, in person or by email.

Civic Address and Entrance Permit Process

Once the application is received the following steps will be followed:

  1. The application is processed by our administrative staff and then forwarded to the Planning Department.
  2. The planner will then review the application to ensure it meets all applicable laws. The application will then be forwarded to the Public Works department.
  3. Public Works staff will then visit the site to calculate the civic number as well as determine if anything is required in the way of constructing your entrance (e.g. Culvert, ditching, sightlines).
  4. Once the entrance permit is approved and civic address has been calculated our administrative staff will send the Entrance Permit to you for signature and advise you of your new civic address.
  5. The green sign and post are ordered from the County of Renfrew sign shop and then installed by Our Public Works department.

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