Why choose The Township of Greater Madawaska?

The Township of Greater Madawaska has become home to many successful businesses within the tourism and hospitality industry such as ski hills, golf course, art galleries, campgrounds and high caliber timeshares and motel facilities. Located in the south-eastern end of Renfrew County, the Township of Greater Madawaska is one of the largest Townships. Significant crown owned lands afford visitors and residents alike hundreds of excellent fishing lakes and thousands of acres for outdoor activities all year long.

  • Private water supply
  • Private sewage
  • Residential & commercial hydro
  • Volunteer Fire Department
  • O.P.P. Police Department
  • Residential & commercial zoned vacant land
  • 4 internet access providers (some areas High Speed)
  • Elementary education
  • 3 Municipal recreational parks
  • Access to commercial and private area airports
  • Municipal public library – public internet access

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing – Small Business Access

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The 2001 amalgamation of the Township Bagot, Blythfield, Brougham, Matawatchan and Griffith made Greater Madawaska the largest township within Renfrew County, with approximately 1200 km of rolling terrain. A very significant Crown-owned land segment affords a multitude of excellent lakes and waterways for fishing and hunting, as well as hundreds of kilometers of land for year-round recreational enjoyment. Whether visiting or planning to stay on permanently, come and enjoy the beauty and tranquility our Township offers.

Our quality of Life

  • Clean and healthy environment
  • Rural agriculture setting
  • Abundance of lakes, rivers
  • Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter activities
  • Clean fresh water
  • Recreational playground, for hiking, trails, boating, skiing, golfing and much more
  • Safe neighbourhoods
  • Elementary educational facilities
  • Public library and programs
  • Historical attractions and monuments
  • Parks, beaches, sand, and water

Local Statistics

Population Information:
Total Population in 2011 2,485
Total Population in 2006 2,751
2006 to 2011 population change % -9.7%
Total private dwellings 2,215
Private dwellings occupied by usual residents 1,117
Population density per square kilometer 2.4

Land area (square km) 1,034
Population within 15 min. catchments area: 7,113
Population within 30 min. catchments area: 81,648

Labour Force:
Total Labour Force Size: 400
Labour Force Size within 15 min. catchment area: 3,195
Labour Force Size within 30 min. catchment area: 46,885

Transportation Access

Access to commercial airports with scheduled service, Ottawa International Airport.

Access to scheduled rail service, Ottawa Central Railway

Access to major road systems, Highway 17


Elementary Education:
Catholic school grades PreK to Grade 8

Secondary Education:
Located in Renfrew and Arnprior

Post-Secondary Education:
Local proximity to college training: Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology – Pembroke and Ottawa Campuses – 1hr 15 minutes. Within 1hr 15 minutes proximity to University Educational Facilities including Carleton University and University of Ottawa

Business Sector

Manufacture 10

Commercial 22

Tourism 25

Service 25

Social Organizations 10


Top Area Employers (Renfrew County Business Directory)

Calabogie Peaks 200

Calabogie Highlands Resort 30

Calabogie Lodge 30

Ontario Hydro – Barrett Chute 15

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