The Township's Zoning By-law 22-2003 is a tool that puts the County's Official Plan into effect. The Zoning By-law controls the use of land in your community and states:

  • How land can be used
  • The permitted location of buildings and structures
  • What types of buildings and structures are permitted, and how they can be used
  • The dimensions of buildings including, heights, volumes, and setbacks
  • The Parking requirements for a use

The Township has a variety of different zoning maps based on the geographic area of the Township, below are the maps:


If you wish to use or develop your land in a manner that varies from the Zoning By-Law, you must apply for a Zoning By-law amendment. Please note that Council can only consider zoning change uses permitted by the Official Plan. To apply for a Zoning By-law amendment, you must fill out an application and submit it to the planning department.

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