Looking for a restaurant, café, or take out options? The Township of Greater Madawaska has a variety of dining option available throughout the Township.

Calabogie Brewing Company

Calabogie Brewing Company has a variety of different options, they are located at 12612 Lanark Road, Calabogie. They offer dine in and take out options.

Calvyn's Take Out

Calvyns Take Out is located at 25770 Highway 41 in Griffith. Calvyns offers a variety of your pub favorites. 

Canthooks Restaurant

Canthooks Restaurant offers a taste of the swiss alps, they are located at the Calabogie Peaks Ski Resort, 30 Barrett Chute Road, Calabogie.

Frisco's Restaurant

Frisco's is located on the site of the Calabogie Highlands Golf Course at 981 Barryvale Road, Calabogie. They offer indoor dining and patio services.

Pine Valley Restaurant

Pine Valley Restaurant is family restaurant located at 26047 Highway 41 in Griffith. They offer dine in or take out options.

Redneck Bistro

Redneck Bistro is located at 12609 Lanark Road, Calabogie. They offer a handmade, handcrafted menu along with modern/rustic décor and strive to create a welcoming atmosphere. They offer dine and take out options.

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