Each year as the snow melts, we enter in the Spring Freshet which brings an inflow of water through the Madawaska River and in some years can bring flooding to our Township.

Being prepared for flooding can help save your property from further water damage. When we enter Spring Freshet the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry releases statements as necessary to provide updates regarding water.

Updates regarding water levels on the Madawaska River are provided by Ontario Power Generation.

Sandbagging Tips:

Sandbagging is one of the most used tools to help the fight against flooding. Homeowners that are preparing homemade sandbags need to be aware of the proper steps to take:

  • Have two people to complete the sandbagging process and to ensure your own health and safety.
  • Ensure you have enough sand, burlap or plastic bags, shovels, and time to prepare the sandbags appropriately.
  • Contact the Township for information on sandbags and sand.


Sand is the easiest material for filling and shaping sandbags. Sand becomes heavier when saturate from rain or moisture. In the event of an emergency other materials can be used to fill sandbags, such as, silt, clay, gravel, or a mixture of the materials.

Sandbagging Information

Sandbagging Information Sheet

Sandbagging Safety and Hygiene Information

Sandbagging Placement Information

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2022 Spring Freshet Information

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