The Township of Greater Madawaska has many Service Clubs that work to build a community where everyone can live comfortably and find the support they need.

Check the list, is there a group that can help you, or is there a group that you would like to help?

 Calabogie and Area Home Support

Phone: 613-752-2828


Facebook: Calabogie and Area Home Support Inc

Address: 4984 Calabogie Road, Calabogie, ON

 Calabogie Food Bank

Phone: 613-752-1257


Address: 4984 Calabogie Road, Calabogie, ON

 Calabogie Lions Club

Contact: Barrie Nicholas

Phone: 613-752-0915


Facebook: Calabogie Lions Club 

Address: 574 Mill Street, Calabogie, ON

Denbigh Griffith Lions Club

Contact: Theresa Pierce

Phone: 613-333-1984

Phone: 613-222-1144


Facebook: Denbigh-Griffith Lions Club

Address: 25991B Hwy 41, Griffith, ON

Greater Madawaska Seniors Housing Corporation

Contact: Steven Green - President

Phone: 647-454-8589


Address: Griffith, ON

About: The Greater Madawaska Seniors Housing Corporation is a charitable, not for profit organization with 153 members. It’s present mandate is to help seniors stay in their homes for a longer period.

There are 2 main programs offered to the people of Griffith, Matawatchan, Denbigh and Vennachar.  .

1) Seniors Program: offers financial assistance to low income seniors to help with home maintenance, transportation and other needs. Assistance is also offered to fill out forms, get assistance and or referrals for special needs.

2)Foot care program: All seniors of the area can receive foot care in Griffith every 6 weeks at a reduced cost.  (subsidized costs for clients are related to revenue).

We also offer special events, recreation and educational programs.

Membership is open to all residents of Griffith, Matawatchan, Denbigh and Venachar.  Seniors 55 and older can benefit from our programs.  The fee is $5.00 for 1 year, $10.00 for 3 years or $50.00 for a lifetime membership.

The corporation started as a Township committee to look into the need for housing for seniors in June, 2009.  The committee incorporated in April 2010.

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