Between the years of 1998 and 2014, 29% of all fatal fires in Ontario involved persons 65+. These statistics show when it comes to fire, adults over age 65 are at greater risk than any other group. As most fire deaths occur in the home, it is important that older people know how to protect themselves.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can greatly increase your chances of surviving a fire in your home. Seniors and disabled traditionally have unique needs when it come to installation and maintenance of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Many live on their own and are cautious to ask for assistance. Our smoke and carbon monoxide alarm program is designed to break down these barriers and ensure that alarms are installed in all residences, especially those of senior and disabled citizens.

If you would like your home viewed by a member of the Greater Madawaska Fire Departments, please contact the Fire Chief.


The overall purpose of a senior and disabled smoke and carbon monoxide alarm program is to reduce both the frequency and severity of fire and CO incidents in the homes of senior citizens. Through this program the Greater Madawaska Fire Department supports these citizens residing in their own homes that have limited domestic support, to live independently and confidently in their community.


Any senior or special needs resident who may require assistance with installing or testing of their smoke or carbon monoxide alarms can contact the Fire Chief.

The fire Chief will have a member of the department contact you to arrange help. If the problem cannot be solved over the phone a site visit will be set up. That will allow for a member of the fire department to inspect and take the correct action to ensure they are in the right places and are fully working.

The program is free and available to the residents of the Township of Greater Madawaska that are at least 65 years of age or have special needs to assist in determining if your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working.

If you are or know of anyone who is a senior citizen or a special needs adult and your would like the Greater Madawaska Fire Department to help ensure their smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarms in your/their home are in working order and located in the correct areas, please contact the Fire Chief.

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