The Township of Greater Madawaska

Things To Do

Calabogie to BurnstownCanoe, Madawaska River

At Calabogie the Madawaska River continues downstream past the hamlets of Springtown and Burnstown before joining the Ottawa River at Arnprior.  A popular day trip along this picturesque section of the Madawaska is the 13 km. paddle downstream from Calabogie to Burnstown.

Calabogie Lake/Grassy BayKayak

For “naturalists,” an interesting outing is a ½ day paddle around Grassy Bay, a provincially designated significant wetland separated from Calabogie Lake by the abandoned K&P railroad causeway.

Wabun LakeWabun Lake Lookout
The Wabun Lake Trail is a 3 km return hike leading to a lookout with spectacular view of Wabun Lake and the surrounding Madawaska River basin. It is medium difficulty trail and should take approx. 1 ½ hours. The trail slowly climbs the mountainside and then drops down into a valley before climbing again to the summit.
Between The Dams/Norcan LakeCanoes

The Madawaska River between the Mountain Chute and Barrett Chute Dams, including Norcan Lake, is a beautiful stretch of water. This area is largely crown land and fairly remote such that wildlife is plentiful making for a very interesting paddle.

Centennial Lake & Black DonaldFoggy Morning

For flatwater paddlers, a scenic adventure awaits as you explore the Madawaska downstream from Griffith and into Centennial Lake and on to Black Donald Lake.

Calabogie - Burnstown

This scenic 30 km return cycle on Calabogie Rd/#508 parallels the picturesque Madawaska River between Calabogie and Burnstown.

K&P Trail NorthNorth K&P Trail - Lake

The North KP Trail, more of a walking trail than a traditional hiking trail, is a 20 km multi-purpose trail using the rail bed from the abandoned K&P railroad originally built in the mid 1800’s. The trail runs north from Calabogie, crosses the Madawaska River and then winds its way north through rock cuts and forest passing wetlands and lakes before emerging into farmland as it nears Renfrew

Manitou MountainTitle - Manitou Mountain Lookout, Manitou Mountain Trail

Manitou Mountain is a 9 km, medium level of difficulty hiking/snowshoeing trail passing through picturesque pine forests and spectacular wilderness scenery. Along this shoulder width trail you will encounter 3 spectacular mountain top vistas...Eagles Nest, Manitou Mountain and Red Arrow Rock.

“A must do hike”, “spectacular”.......John Cornish, Editor, Rideau Trail Newsletter.
Calabogie Highlands Golf Resort

A 27 hole championship golf course noted for its scenic vistas of Calabogie Lake and Grassy Bay. Undoubtedly one of the most scenic golf courses in the Ottawa Valley.

Calabogie - Griffith

This more challenging 110 km return cycle via Calabogie Rd/#508, Centennial Lake Rd/#65 and Matawatchan Rd/#71 between Calabogie and Griffith takes cyclists alongside Calabogie Lake and climbs into and through rugged forest wilderness, passes by Black Donald Lake and Centennial Lake and then follows alongside the Madawaska River into Griffith.

K&P Trail SouthK&P Trail Mile Lake

Like the North K&P, the South KP Trail is a multi-purpose trail running 40km south from Calabogie. It is also flat and easy to hike and perhaps more visually interesting than its northern counterpart. The trail passes along Calabogie Lake (to your right) and through rock cuts and forest until it reaches Mile Lake after 6 km.

Griffith Uplands
The Griffith Uplands Trail is a physically challenging 10 km hiking/snowshoeing loop encompassing four mountains in the Madawaska Highlands - Lake, Buck, Spring and Godin. This rewarding wilderness route traverses a rugged Area of Natural and Scientific Interest composed of marble bedrock with open upland forests of large tooth aspen, red oak, white pine and remnant red pine.
Ironwoods at Calabogie Peaks

A scenic and fun 9 hole executive golf course at the base of Dickson Mountain on the shores of Calabogie Lake.

Calabogie - Lanark

This challenging 100 km return cycle on Lanark Rd/#/511 takes cyclists through rolling mountainous and forest terrain before descending into flatter farmland approaching Lanark.

Madawaska Nordic

Cross country ski trails in winter, hiking and mountain bike trails in summer; Madawaska Nordic offers 18 km. of easy hiking trails. These trails, at one time old logging roads, wind their way through a picturesque forest landscape with lots of gentle ups and downs to keep the outing visually interesting and lots of fun.

Trails at Calabogie PeaksJuniper Ridge Lookout

Bear Claw Trail

Great for children, families and seniors, this trail is an easy, 2.5 km self-guided interpretive hike through a hardwood forest exploring the local history of the area.
Lost Valley Trail

The Lost Valley, medium level of difficulty trail, explores a majestic forest setting. It first ascends to the Juniper Ridge Lookout with a panoramic view of Calabogie Lake...

Old Logging Roads/Snowmobile Trails

For mountain bikers seeking more challenge and adventure, Greater Madawaska offers no end of choice. Not only is it largest Township in Ontario but 60% of Greater Madawaska is Crown Land. With a history steeped in logging there are literally hundreds of miles of abandoned logging roads and snowmobile trails waiting to be explored.

Eagle's Nest
An easy 1.5 km hike along an old logging road that climbs gradually uphill, through the woods, leading to a spectacular lookout at the top of a 120 metre cliff.
Calabogie West Snowmobile Trail

A 30 km return trail running S/W from Calabogie to Mountain Chute Dam. Although the trail starts at the intersection of Calabogie Rd and Viewmount Drive, just east of Calabogie Peaks Resort, the best place to access the trail is from the Madawaska Nordic X-C Skiing trailhead where ample parking can be found.

Eagles Nest Lookout Trail

At the top of the mountain on Calabogie Rd. 2.4 km west of Calabogie Peaks Resort you’ll find the Eagles Nest Lookout Trail. This is another rough snowmobile trail that will allow you to explore deep into the forest. As part of your ride stop and enjoy the Eagles Nest Lookout located 1 km in from Calabogie Rd.

Limestone Lake Road

Limestone Lake Rd, 5 km beyond the Eagles Nest Lookout Trail, connects to the Calabogie West Snowmobile Trail after a short ride in from Calabogie Rd.

Unnamed Trail

This old 4 km return logging road, 0.2 km west of Limestone Lake Rd, winds its way slowly uphill through the forest before arriving at a picnic area between 2 small but scenic lakes.

Wabun Lake Road

Wabun Lake is a pretty lake located 3 km in from Hydro Dam Rd at the end of Wabun Lake Rd. The road is rough but fun to ride. Stop for a swim at Wabun Lake or the nearby Madawaska River

Tipperary Camp Road
Located 11 km along Centennial Lake Rd from the end of Calabogie Rd, this is a rough but interesting road to ride. Park at the highway. The road becomes an ATV trail after 4 km allowing you to explore deep into the forest.
Morrow Lake Road

Located 11 km beyond Tipperary Camp Rd on Centennial Lake Rd., this scenic back  road runs 17 km before connecting with Hwy 132.