The Township of Greater Madawaska issues a variety of different applications, licenses and permits to access municipal services. Whether you want to apply for lottery license, or tax rebate, we can help you find what you need through the application process.

Animal Licences

We issue dog licences to regulate animals within the Township of Greater Madawaska.

Building Permits

If you are renovating your home, installing a pool, building an accessory structure or building a new home you will need a building permit

Burn Permits

To have an open-air fire in the Township of Greater Madawaska you need a open-air burn permit

Entrance Permit and Civic Addressing

To create or alter a driveway to your property an entrance permit will be required.

Freedom of Information

To request information from the Township applications must be sent to the office. 

Lottery Licenses

In order to have a lottery within the Township of Greater Madawaska the organization must be eligible and apply for a lottery license

Planning Applications

There are a variety of planning applications to fit your project, whether you are looking to change the zoning or the setbacks on your property the application is there to help. 

Refreshment Vehicle/Stand License Application

A Refreshment Vehicle/Stand License is required to operate a refreshment vehicle/stand within the Township of Greater Madawaska. Please refer to By-law 32-2018 for details regarding to the regulation and operation of refreshment vehicles/stands with the Township.

Application for License can be submitted using the online application or contact the office for a different format if required.

Septic Permits

If you are repairing, replacing, or adding a new septic system to your property you must apply for a septic permit.

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