The Township of Greater Madawaska


You’ll find excellent fishing in Greater Madawaska. The fish are plentiful; the fish species diverse. Game fish species include walleye (pickerel, doré), northern pike, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow perch, brown bullhead, channel catfish, rock bass and various species trout.

Here in Greater Madawaska the 65 km Madawaska River system with its associated lakes - Centennial, Black Donald, Norcan and Calabogie, is the most popular and most easily accessible area for fishing.
In addition, the Township has literally hundreds of smaller, more remote lakes for those fishermen wanting something a little different.
Fishing maps of the area lakes are highly recommended:
Fishing Maps - Calabogie Lake, Black Donald Lake, Norcan Lake and Centennial Lake:
Renfrew County Fishing Maps: 
Fishermen should be familiar with Local (Zone 15) and Provincial Fishing Regulations:
2012 Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary:

Zone 15 Regulations (Greater Madawaska):