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Our Township is seen as an attractive tourism location which has resulted in a rapid growth of Short-Term accommodations over the last few years. There has also been rapid growth in online marketplaces such as Trip Advisory, Airbnb, and Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) which connect people looking for Short-Term Accommodations with people who want to rent or sublet their properties for this purpose.

A Short-Term Accommodation (STA) is the rental of a property for less than 28 days in duration. This would include renting a private room in a home, an entire home, a seasonal property, or any other space for 28 days or less.

Throughout the election period and during public meetings for the new Zoning By-law, numerous concerns and complaints related to STA were brought forward, including safety, parking, noise, and options for enforcement. Consideration must be given to mitigating potential conflicts between the community and renters, identifying economic impacts and opportunities of STA, including potential financial considerations, staff resources, and the expected outcome of the regulations.

Proponents of short-term accommodation have asked the Township to consider a permit system to allow short-term accommodation to occur lawfully and controlled.


A community survey was conducted in October 2023 through to December 15, 2023. A total of 383 participants took part in the survey, sharing their insights on the regulation of Short-Term Accommodation and the draft by-law. Numerous written comments have also been received from the Public.

A Public Meeting was held in Griffith and Calabogie on February 12th and 13th, 2024, to receive comments regarding the proposed By-law. An estimated 80 residents attended the Public Meetings; seven written comments were received and read by Staff, and 41 residents provided oral comments. Following the meetings, Staff received additional written comments reiterating comments received at the meetings.

Input included opposition and support to regulating Short-Term Accommodations, and support with recommended adjustments to the By-law. The community survey results and public meeting input are summarized in the Report of Findings.


Staff presented the Short-Term Accommodations Review Report of Findings at the March 21, 2024, Regular Council Meeting through a Report to Council including the Report of Findings and a Powerpoint Presentation.   

This report provided Council with the findings from a data analysis and community engagement, to inform discussions regarding the regulation of short-term accommodations.

  • The Data analysis reveals that the growth of short-term accommodations is still in its infancy, contributing to the lack of regulations and data available to assess the long-term impacts on communities. 
  • The community engagement survey and public meetings served as an initial phase to better understand the community's needs from the perspective of a Short-Term Accommodations operator, neighbour, and general resident. This report responds to inquiries received and proposes adjustments to the by-law, striving to strike a balance between the Township's objectives and stakeholder interests.

Council reviewed options and approved proceeding with licensing short-term accommodations, and circulating a revised Short-Term Accommodations licensing by-law, which includes adjustments to meet the Township’s objective and community input.


The Township’s vision is to strive to be an inviting, safe, and inclusive community that values and protects its rural character, heritage, and natural environment. Indicators related to the growth of STAs in comparison to household numbers highlight the necessity of monitoring and collecting data for further analysis of community impacts.

The initial survey and public meetings provided valuable input in developing a by-law that meets the Township and community needs. The revised by-law has been adjusted to reflect a lighter approach. Below you can view a copy of the first Draft By-law and the Revised By-law.

Draft By-Law (prior to public input)

Revised By-Law

Council wants your feedback on the revised By-law. A Survey has been posted on SURVEY MONKEY and will be open until 4:00pm on April 11, 2024. Please participate and provide your input for review.

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