The Township of Greater Madawaska

Griffith Uplands

Trail Description

The Griffith Uplands Trail is a physically challenging 10 km hiking/snowshoeing loop encompassing four mountains in the Madawaska Highlands - Lake, Buck, Spring and Godin. This rewarding wilderness route traverses a rugged Area of Natural and Scientific Interest composed of marble bedrock with open upland forests of large tooth aspen, red oak, white pine and remnant red pine. This undulating backcountry trail features lichen covered stone barrens, glacial erratics and expansive bald rock ridges ripe with blueberries and breathtaking views of the Madawaska River Valley below.
Hiking time: 4 ½ hrs.
How to get there
At the bridge on Hwy. 41 in the village of Griffith turn north on Highland Creek Rd. and drive 2.2 km to the trailhead.

Hiker Notes
Being a new trail with limited foot traffic to date and with singificant growth of low ground vegetation cover, the trail is not well defined in areas. It is extremely important that hikers pay attention to and follow the blue trail markers, supplemented with organge tape markers, along with the rock inukshuks that mark the trail
This trail is not recommended for beginners. A trail map is essential and a GPS or compass is highly recommended. Hiking poles will prove helpful