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OPP Information - Break and Enters

Below are some links to OPP videos that are available on our YOUTUBE channel. 

The first talks about safeguarding your home from break and enter thieves.

The second is a link to the OPP channel on YOUTUBE where you can access many videos we have completed on a variety of safety topics and investigations.

Break and enters remain an all-too-common occurrence in Canada, with more than 200,000 reported to police annually of which nearly 6 in 10 are residential. Another 30% were businesses and 10% were other locations such as sheds and detached garages. Research indicates the decision to commit a crime is tied to the perceived risk of being caught and that a high frequency of re-victimization occurs during the 12 months following an initial break-in.

And finally here is a pdf Home Security Audit Guide which provides general information to keep your home safe.