The Township of Greater Madawaska


Council welcomes the opportunity to hear from citizens and community groups. If you wish to address Council as a whole, you are welcome to attend a Council or Committee of the Whole meeting as a delegation.


Send a letter/fax/email to the Clerk by end of day on the Tuesday prior to the meeting (or fill in a delegation request form (attached). Include your name, phone number and brief details on what you would like to speak to Council about (information contained on the form, including any attachments, will become public documents and listed on Township Meeting Agendas and posted to the Township’s website).

Please note, your request and any additional information you would like Council to have may be attached to the agenda and circulated publicly, unless otherwise requested.


Council meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 5:30 pm. In the event that Monday is a Statutory Holiday, the meeting is held on Tuesday. Council meetings are formal meetings, covered by the media and open to the public.

All meetings are held in the Council Chambers, located upstairs in the Township Office (Parnell Street entrance).

You may want to contact the Clerk to see which meeting may be most appropriate for you.


You will be given up to ten minutes to address Council, Council may ask questions after the delegation. Groups are asked to have one appointed speaker. Parliamentary procedure will be followed and coarse language or criticism of individuals will not be tolerated (there is no “parliamentary immunity” against slanderous or libelous statements). If your concerns relate to an individual, please contact the Clerk to discuss your options.


Information provided to the Clerk will be circulated to the members of Council prior to the meeting and included as part of the agenda package OR If you will be bringing documentation to the meeting, 7 copies should be made if you want each Councillor and staff to have a copy of the information (additionally copies should be made for the press/public). If it is a larger document, you can leave it with the Mayor or Clerk and it will be circulated to others.


You may appear once before Council on any given issue. If there is significant new information or lapse of time, exceptions may be permitted.


If you are requesting action of Council, the issue will be considered at that or the following Council meeting.

Please contact the Clerk for further information – we look forward to hearing from you!

Excerpt from By-law 64-2020 (Procedural By-law) which provides more details on the delegation procedure:

10.2     Persons wishing to address Council shall make application in writing to the Clerk prior to end of day on the Tuesday preceding the regular Council meeting, by reviewing and completing the Delegation Information Sheet and Request Form found in Appendix B. Such application shall contain the subject matter to be discussed and the name, address and telephone number of a spokesperson chosen by the delegation to make the delegation. Comments from members of the delegation, other than the spokesperson, shall be prohibited unless and until the Presiding Officer has authorized such additional speakers. The delegation shall be permitted a maximum of (10) minutes to make the delegation unless and until the Presiding Officer has extended such time allotment. Any person addressing Council as a presentation shall rise, state his/her name and make his/her presentation. Following the delegation, the Presiding Officer may ask for questions from Council which shall be addressed by the spokesperson to the best of his/her ability.

Delegations failing to meet the above application requirements may be heard upon the verbal consent of the majority of Council present.

The inclusion of a presentation on the Council Agenda shall be determined on a first come, first serve basis and regard shall be given to the length of the Agenda.