The Township of Greater Madawaska

Wabun Lake

Wabun Lake Lookout
Wabun Lake Lookout

Trail Description

 The Wabun Lake Trail is a 3 km return hike leading to a lookout with spectacular view of Wabun Lake and the surrounding Madawaska River basin. It is medium difficulty trail and should take approx. 1 ½ hours. The trail slowly climbs the mountainside and then drops down into a valley before climbing again to the summit.

How to get there
From the intersection of Highways 508 and 511 in Calabogie drive 15.6 west on Calabogie Rd/#508 to Hydro Dam Rd. Continue 1.5 km on Hydro Dam Rd to Wabun Lake Road then take Wabun Lake 2.6 km in to Wabun Lake. As you approach the lake, take the right fork 0.3 km. to the trail head/camping area close to the Madawaska River.
Note: The road is rough and is best driven in a vehicle with good ground clearance (i.e. SUV or pick up).