The Township of Greater Madawaska

Manitou Mountain

Title - Manitou Mountain Lookout, Manitou Mountain Trail
Title - Manitou Mountain Lookout, Manitou Mountain Trail

Trail Description

Manitou Mountain is a 9 km, medium level of difficulty hiking/snowshoeing trail passing through picturesque pine forests and spectacular wilderness scenery. Along this shoulder width trail you will encounter 3 spectacular mountain top vistas...Eagles Nest, Manitou Mountain and Red Arrow Rock.
“A must do hike”, “spectacular”.......John Cornish, Editor, Rideau Trail Newsletter.
How to get there
Trailheads are located at the eastern and western ends of the Manitou Mountain corridor. The eastern trailhead is found on Barrett Chute Rd., 1.6 km east of Calabogie Peaks Resort. The western trailhead is found on Calabogie Rd/#508 2.7 km west of Calabogie Peaks Resort.
Following ancient glacial spillways this trail begins at the Barrett Chute Trailhead with a 4 km ascent to the pristine vista lookouts at Red Arrow Rock and Manitou Mountain . The trail then continues westward 3.5 km to the peaceful Eagle’s Nest Lookout and another 1.5 km out to the Calabogie Road Trailhead. This diverse trail also links to the enchanting Lost Valley Trail and the Juniper Ridge Lookout behind Calabogie Peaks and to the scenic Skywalk Trail atop Dickson Mountain.
This trail is not recommended for beginners. A trail map is essential. A GPS or compass is also recommended.

In order to avoid having to retrace your steps back to the car park, consider a car shuttle. Leave a car at the Barrett Chute Trailhead and drive to the Calabogie Rd. Trailhead to begin your hike. After completing the hike drive the 2nd car back to the Calabogie Rd. Trailhead to pick up the other car.