The Township of Greater Madawaska

K&P Trail South

K&P Trail Mile Lake
K&P Trail Mile Lake

Trail Description

Like the North K&P, the South KP Trail is a multi-purpose trail running 40km south from Calabogie. It is also flat and easy to hike and perhaps more visually interesting than its northern counterpart. The trail passes along Calabogie Lake (to your right) and through rock cuts and forest until it reaches Mile Lake after 6 km. Hikers looking for more of a challenge will find the next 12 km., from Mile Lake to Flower Station, passing by a number of scenic lakes and wetlands.

How to get there
From the intersection of #508 and #511 in Calabogie, drive 4.5 km south on #511 to Barryvale Road. Turn right on Barryvale Road and follow it 5 km. to the Calabogie Highlands Golf Club where Barryvale Road ends at the KP Trail trailhead.