The Township of Greater Madawaska


Especially during the late fall and throughout the winter and into spring, anything other than self-propelled travel on the Madawaska Nordic Trails tends to make the trails difficult, if not impossible, to prepare and maintain for their intended use -- cross country skiing. Your cooperation in limiting motorized travel to the volunteers who maintain and groom the trails for skiers is requested.

This will significantly reduce the formation of bog and mud holes in low areas where the original forest floor and root mat has been destroyed. The surface drainage is interrupted so that the area no longer drains and the surface stays soft even in dry weather. As the condition worsens, the holes get progressively deeper and retain water longer. The result is very unpleasant for skiers and requires significant effort to correct.

Noted for the unsurpassed natural beauty of its extensive trails network, Calabogie and the Township of Greater Madawaska is one of Ontario’s premiere ATV destinations. Using a combination of abandoned rail lines and forest access roads, here you’ll find some of the most scenic trails in the province as you pass through muddy wetlands, beautiful forest, alongside pristine lakes and rivers and over rolling hills and mountains. Stunning panoramic views abound. Literally hundreds of kilometers of trails are here for you to explore. 

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Note: Legislation/Regulations governing the use of Off-Road Vehicles:

Township of Greater Madawaska – ATV Use on Municipal Roads
Please see attached By-Law No.: 38-2015
Ontario Ministry of Transportation Legislation/Regulations