The Township of Greater Madawaska

Forest Life Expo - June 14, 15, 16 2019


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Sawtech Log Expo is evolving, we have expanded the theme of the event to include more activities related to the forest. Such as Outdoor Recreation, Off-Grid living, Wood Artisans, Value-Added Manufacturers, Non-Timber Forest Products, Creative Rural businesses, Logging/Milling, Woodlot Management,and Family Fun. The Forest Life Expo showcases businesses who are connected to the forest where we Work-Play-Live.
This event is all about the experiences that enrich our lives, the Expo will offer a smorgasbord of experience related exhibits that will fill the appetite of any Forest Loving enthusuiast. The event is about connecting to your passions by viewing and seeing the latest products and services, connect with experts and be awed with the levels of innovation, beauty that will guide your own dreams and asperations.