The Township of Greater Madawaska

Snowmobile Trail Closures

From the Ontarion Federation of Snowmobile Clubs

The Government of Ontario declared a province-wide shutdown which began on Saturday, December 26. 

As part of this shutdown, the Premier made it clear that Ontarians should stay home as much as possible to fight the virus.  At the same time the Government of Ontario recognized that snowmobiling is important for our mental and physical health and declared that snowmobiling is permitted as long as riders follow public health guidelines.  This is good news for the OFSC because it provides some clarity relative to our COVID plans. 

As of December 26, trails in the province wide shutdown and / or an Orange, Red or Grey Zone, will be open with riding restricted within each rider’s Public Health Unit through our Flex Trails Plan.  As per our Flex Trails plan, links between Public Health Units will be closed during the shutdown.  This policy is being implemented to ensure that when the province starts to re-open, we are able to responsibly manage travel between Public Health Units with varying degrees of COVID-19 restrictions.

The release is now live on the OFSC website and pinned to the OFSC Facebook page (@gosnowmobilingontario).