The Township of Greater Madawaska

Why choose The Township of Greater Madawaska?

The Township of Greater Madawaska has become home for many successful businesses within the tourism and hospitality industry such as ski hills, golf courses, art galleries, campgrounds and high caliber timeshare and motel facilities. Located in the south-eastern end of Renfrew County, the Township of Greater Madawaska is one of the largest Townships. Significant crown owned lands afford visitors and residents alike hundreds of excellent fishing lakes and thousands of acres for outdoor activities all year long.

  • Private water supply
  • Private sewage
  • Residential & commercial hydro
  • Volunteer Fire Department
  • O.P.P. Police Department
  • Residential & commercial zoned vacant land
  • 4 internet access providers (some areas High Speed)
  • Elementary education
  • 3 Municipal recreational parks
  • Access to commercial and private area airports
  • Municipal public library - public internet access