The Township of Greater Madawaska

Township's Waste Recycling Strategy (WRS)

The attached document is your Township's "Waste Recycling Strategy" This document will provide you with information and insight as to how your Township plans to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its Blue Box recycling program and maximize the amount of Blue Box material diverted from disposal. Specifically, the purpose of this WRS is to maximize waste diversion from disposal to the most feasible extent possible within the Township.

The Township intends to provide waste and Blue Box recycling services to all residents, property owners and IC&I generators within the Township limits in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible, as part of the long-term sustainablility and self-sufficiency strategy of the Township.

The Township faces a number of waste management challenges, which this WRS will help address. In particular, the priority factors and drivers for the Township's development of a WRS are population growth, improving costs and service efficiencies and increased public awareness of the importance of waste diversion.